Product Update: Schedule, Meet Now and Decide Who Pays

Product Update June - Scheduling Quick meetings

You can now schedule your meetings in advance, decide who will be paying for them or ‘Meet now’ and jump in a meeting with no preparation whatsoever!

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Schedule, meet and get paid – better than ever!

Here’s what is new:

  • Scheduling
  • Payment options
  • Meet now


Meetings can be scheduled and bound with time, so that your customers, colleagues, or friends know exactly how long you plan on the meeting to be. Just 15 minutes or half day – it is entirely up to you and your calendar!

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Payment options

Organizing a workshop, or a team building where only the company is paying, while everyone else just needs to attend?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

When creating a meeting you can now decide how is the meeting paid for:

  • By each participant (every attendee pays upon entry)
  • By one participant (one person pays for the meeting and everyone else attends for free)
  • It’s a free meeting!
34. Product update #9 - Scheduling & Quick meetings-2

Meet now

With this handy function you can jump in on a video call with anyone at the click of 1 button!

No need to schedule, decide when, how or how much. Put the hassle away and start a video call instantly!

34. Product update #9 - Scheduling & Quick meetings-2

Your link is completely secure, as you will have to admit each person who wishes to join. This guarantees your privacy when you are speaking will not be violated.

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