Product Update: Poll in Video Chat

62. Product Update - Poll in video chat

Raise your hand up if you’ve ever created a poll! Now you can create a poll in the chat of your video call.

Ask anything, from a pop-quiz to client preferences, and have participants vote on it in seconds.

See what else has been up.

Here’s how to create a poll in video chat

Polls should be extremely simple, and ours are!

So here’s how:

1. Once in the meeting, open the chat.

62. Product update - Polls in video call-1-min

2. Next, click on the ”Polls” tab and input your question and options.

62. Product update - Polls in video call-2-min

3. Finally, send the poll to the participants and see how they vote.

62. Product update - Polls in video call-3-min

The is a full guide on polls in video chat with some extra tips on our Customer Knowledge Base.

Hope you like this cool new feature and let us know what do you use polls in video chat for at! 😊

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