Product Update: Free Video Call Recordings

Product Update - Free video call recordings

You can now take advantage of video call recordings completely for free, directly to your computer!

By popular demand, we have prioritized one of the most requested features to date – free video call recordings. The day has come and, although still in beta, they are up and running!

For now this feature is only supported on latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It records the whole meeting locally on your computer.

For other browsers, including Safari, you can always use the cloud recordings, which we still support in the Premium accounts.

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How to record your video call on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

It is now extremely easy to record your screen while in a video call and later share that recording.

Here’s how:

1. Once in a meeting, click the ‘Start a local recording’ button in the top right corner of your screen.

Product Update - Free video call recordings

2. Next, click to share ‘Chrome tab’.

Product Update - Free video call recordings

3. Finally, select the tab where the call is taking place.

Product Update - Free video call recordings

4. Once you are finished with your recording, don’t forget to click ‘Stop local recording’ in order to save it.

  • Make sure that the ‘Share tab audio’ option is checked in order to record all audio in the call. 
  • When you are done with recording, simply press the ‘Stop local recording’ button. It is located exactly where you clicked to start the recording in the first place.
  • Once you do, the recording will automatically save to your machine.
Product Update - Free video call recordings

Feel free to check out the full guide on local recordings and their existing limitations posted on our Knowledge Base.

Hope you like this cool new feature!

Let us know how you will use it at! 😊

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